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Greg Paupst

Stephanie Bowes has impressed me as a laser focused, knowledgeable, professional marketer/strategist who can either take a collaborative or leadership role with the client. It is important to note that Stephanie seeks to develop a sustainable working relationship with her clientele thus underpinning her approach for delivery and implementation of positive marketing strategies which the client is looking to achieve.

Stephanie, in my view, after observing her for at least twenty years of break through strategic planning and market development successes is a critical thinker who breeds creative thinking, and thus creates the ability to analyze situations or statements of scope so as to determine whether the marketing / business strategy needs to be simple or complex, short or long-term.

She is acutely aware of need and understands the tools used for collecting, analyzing and interpreting business data to achieve optimal customer engagement, where use of these approaches are critical and necessary to capitalize on increased market penetration for profitable, sustainable growth.

Her approach, is that she views business and marketing and sales as the integration and interconnection of systems; how they affect each other from goal to; to plan; to implementation. Stephanie understands and emphasizes with the client just how vitally important it is to see how the relationships between all parts of the business & marketing plan work together to meet their needs on time, on quality and on budget and in a way that the client is able to continue to manage the outcomes effectively.

One final thought, Stephanie is tech savvy and is very capable of delivering the services and information which clients need, through user-friendly tools and relationship-building approaches. She knows the value of the vast amount of information available in our digital world. Stephanie knows how to interpret data and what they can reveal about consumer behavior. In closing, Stephanie’s efficacy of various business and marketing approaches/strategies is why I highly recommend her for the opportunity to engage potential clients so as to move their company in a direction concomitant with their vision.

Greg Paupst

President, Valucurve Management Systems 

Waterloo, Ontario

Alison Noble 

I chose Legacy Ridge Ventures to update my current website that was out-of-date and static.  Stephanie helped me create a new site that looked very professional and impressive!  The new website has tripled my site visits as well as time spent in the first 2 months after launch and increased the number of leads coming in tremendously; I guess her impressive insights & knowledge around SEO has already paid dividends for my business!

She designed a new fresh logo for my company that was more aligned to my brand image. With the user friendly editing tool she has created for small businesses, it makes it extremely easy for me to edit and update the website myself.  This new user friendly editing tool provided a simple way to take charge of my business and regularly update my site; with no extra cost to update, no extra time waiting around to make small changes. Edits, changes and regular updates are now all in my hands with the extra benefit of increasing my organic search, as I am now aware.

She also assisted me in suggesting ways to tie in my social media strategy to help drive traffic to my new company website.  

I really enjoyed working with Stephanie. She made the entire process a very smooth, easy to understand and fun one! 

I would recommend working with Legacy, they become a true partner for your small business!

Alison Noble 

Blue Sky Architecture, PC

Frisco, CO USA


Peter Foley

"Jeff and I became acquainted two years ago when I was considering several post and beam companies to use for my retirement house in Colorado. At that time Jeff was head of sales and business development for a large Canadian Timber Frame Company. I ultimately purchased a post and beam package and worked with Jeff through the design phase up to the point the package was delivered to my site.

I found Jeff thoroughly professional and responsive. More than that, though, Jeff offered the constructive and practical advice that most novice homebuilders need throughout the design, budgeting and approval process. Jeff was also very helpful in helping me select a local contractor and resolving the minor contractor/owner issues that invariably come up at the front end of any house project. In short, over the year or so we worked together I came to depend on his judgment. I would recommend Jeff unhesitatingly to any homeowner considering such an undertaking.

Peter M. Foley

Knoxville, TN

Christina Benty

“I had the distinct pleasure of working with Stephanie as she coached me through a project that required in-depth data analysis and research evaluation.  She has the ability to develop comprehensive, creative, and complex ideas grounded in practical reality. I have experienced, firsthand, her impeccable and tasteful professional work, and her commitment to excellence in all she does.  She is a delight to work with.”

Christina Benty

Strategic Leadership Solutions

Golden, BC

Robert M. Barrow

"Jeff Bowes and I worked alongside each other at a leading Canadian Timber Frame Company between 2000 and 2005. I always found Jeff to be a very hard working, capable professional. He always excelled in his ability to organize and effectively communicate with others, whether they were subordinates, management or customers. As an astute Operations Manager, he was always able to relate easily to those around him on their level, instilling confidence while moving individuals forward toward personal goals and corporate successes. As a polished Sales and Marketing persona, he was able with relative ease to put prospective clients quickly into their comfort zone, drawing on his broad industry and human experience, speaking to them as real people with real concerns and real questions, taking nothing for granted.

In the world of timber frame construction, it is not uncommon to encounter people who have limited knowledge of only one or two of the many unique facets of what is arguably a very complex industry; Jeff is the exception. I am convinced that his experience at the grass roots level of this business – both on the factory floor and on the construction site, coupled with those upper management roles he graduated to through hard work and perseverance – has given him the unique and enviable ability to not only ‘talk the talk’, but to ‘walk the walk’. Jeff is not afraid to tell people the truth; rather, his candor is a refreshing departure from those who would either choose not to be so, or worse, not know the difference. Very few can boast his depth of knowledge and experience, coupled with personality traits fundamental to becoming an effective leader.

It is therefore without reservation that I recommend Jeff to clients and associates involved in custom timber frame home projects.



Integrity Construction Services, Inc.

Robert M. Barrow

Principal / Construction Manager

Lindsay, ON

Derrick Wade, AIA

As an architect and home designer, I appreciate working with masters in their trade who care about my clients and their dreams and ideas. It is refreshing to work with Jeff Bowes because he “gets it”. I met Jeff in 2002 when we had the occasion to discuss design integrity and materials. Since then I have learned that he understands timber from the forest to the mill to installation and back to the forest. His understanding goes beyond the timber itself to the personality of wood – to the meaning behind its use. When Jeff sees a creative design where true timber frame construction may be proposed in a non-traditional way, his great attitude and positive nature make him a key part of the design team. I believe Jeff adds quality to every project he is involved with. I would work right next to this guy on every project if I had the chance because I love his energy and his vision, his superior customer service and his ability to make things happen.

Texas, Colorado, British Columbia

Randall Kaminsky

"We had been planning to build our dream home in Montana for many years. After seeing a feature home that caught our eye in Timber Home Living, we decided to contact the designer and timber frame builder. This was our first contact with jeff Bowes."

Jeff was easy to work with and informative. Jeff’s knowledge and experience proved to be a valuable resource. After more than a year of discussion and calibration, we made the decision to initiate the project with Jeff leading the effort. Jeff formed an alliance with a well-known architect and one of the most reputable General Contractors in the Timber Home industry. Together we defined the scope and scale of the project.

The teamwork and professionalism displayed by each member of the team gave us a high degree of confidence that we made the right decision. The final result is a magazine quality home that far exceeds our expectations. I would not hesitate to recommend Jeff Bowes to any individual or organization considering a project involving high quality Timber Construction.


Randall Kaminsky 

Helena, Montana

Rob Jonkman

"Jeff Bowes and I worked together while he was the Operations Manager and I was the Design and Engineering Supervisor.  During the 6 overlapping years in our respective roles I reported to Jeff.

Jeff is easy to get along with and is an excellent team player.  While working as a team running the design and engineering department, I often leaned on Jeff for practical building solutions for difficult situations, atributed in my opinion to Jeff's building experience on job sites and later as plant supervisor.

Jeff excels at communicating with design professionals and clients as well as taking charge of and organizing the completion of projects.  Jeff takes these responsibilities seriously, seizing ownership of each project he takes on.  Jeff is not satisfied with mediocre solutions, and ensures exceptional outcomes to projects he is in chare of.

From managing projects for difficult or demanding clients, to liasising with engineers, architects  and inspectors, to meeting the time demands of sales staff, my experience is that Jeff acts professionaly, respectfully, and diligently.  Therefore, I would recommend Jeff for any challenging position where an above average, on-time completion of a building project is required.


Robert J. Jonkman, P.Eng.

Manager, Structural Engineering

Canadian Wood Council

Ottawa, ON

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