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Posted on: 08 January 2016   Tags: Online Basics/Content Is King/Improving Your Website/Website Development   Posted in: [Online Basics]

Taking your website from good to great.

  • Good content: You truly understand what your potential customers needs are & what they might require from you to make a buying decision. Put call to action; engagement content or most important content front & center. Make the buying process easy for them: having the answers they need to make a decision or make it easy for them to contact you.
  • It is Readable & concise: Use a Font that aligns to your Brand.  People today often don’t have the attention to read paragraphs & paragraphs. Crystalize points. Think about what Q’s your customers search the web for; embed common search terms, ensure you have content to support the commonly asked Questions.
  • Content is subdivided: Breaking up chunks of text improves readability. Create separate pages for separate topics, use headers and bulleted or numbered lists to make the pages easier to absorb.
  • Great Images: Photographs are an excellent way to draw people into a site or using graphics to indicate words and meanings.
  • Create breathing space: It helps create flow, focal points & ensures readability. Be consistent with how you use your spacing in pages & paragraphs.
  • Always updating: Especially for businesses selling seasonal products, it is of vital importance that customers can trust that the information on your site is timely. You only get one chance to ‘impress’ a potential customer – if they can’t find what they are looking for or there is mis-information on your website, you won’t get them back.
  • Simple navigation: Always provide multiple paths to the same content, make it easy for potential customers to navigate backwards, forwards, back up to the top of the page etc.
  • Contact Info: Ensure you offer several ways for potential clients to contact you. Physical location, address, phone # & email address. Consider a form that can be used directly from your site.

While there are a lot of elements that make a good website, if you start with the 8 points above it will make a difference. Take the time to study your potential customer’s wants & needs. They language they search on; are familiar with – use it. Done right, your website should be one of your most cost effective ways to drive growth.

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