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Performance Management


People and Positions- Translating your goals into results!

Performance Management

Performance Management involves an analysis of a company's performance (it’s people & positions) as compared to its goals and objectives. How well is an employee applying his or her current skills, and to what extent is he or she achieving the desired outcomes. Creating best practices to meet your business challenges and become more competitive. 

We at Legacy Ridge will look at your strategic road map, understand your top priorities and then look at the job’s, job descriptions, competencies for the jobs, expectations of roles and the recurring activities within the company to establish wither there is alignment to the priorities.

We will build a system to put in place for team leaders to monitor department / employee or job progress toward company goals, and provide tools to help make adjustments to achieve those goals more effectively and efficiently.

We will develop a program that addresses individual and organizational performance objectives necessary to properly create and sustain a healthy, accountable and effective results-oriented culture.

What you can expect

  • Assessment of your current performance appraisal programs and practices
  • Develop performance plans aligned with organizational goals
  • Identification of critical team/ job performance elements that define success
  • Set credible measures of performance (team & individual)
  • Build competency rating metrics that effectively differentiate levels of performance
  • Provide management coaching tools and techniques
  • Provide year end review tools and techniques


The end result is that members of your team actually do what they should be doing, and that your measurements for determining how well they are doing are clearly tied to organizational success.

How can we help you with your business? Let us define the best strategy for your business goals.